What is love?


Are flowers and candy, love?


by ExLibrisJournals on Etsy

Are cards and fancy words, love?


So today is Valentine’s Day. It is also 2 weeks post trauma in my house. Two weeks ago today my 16 year old daughter was thrown from a moving golf cart and hit her head on the curb. Her friend was driving, they were in one of those neighborhoods were golf carts are allowed on the street.

I could go into the details of her injuries, but that would not help at all. I will say she spent 48 hours in the hospital and has spent the remainder of the past 2 weeks at home resting. Resting is a very difficult activity for a teenager!

Within hours of arriving at the hospital, I texted, called and posted on Facebook, asking for prayers. We could feel the prayers and positive thoughts like a comfy, old blanket wrapped tightly around us. We heard from friends and family far and wide. All I can say is ‘thank you’ and yet that seems so insignificant for what I feel for everyone who has reached out to us!

Yes, I think that is love! Help is love. Prayer is love.

A head injury is very difficult to maneuver. She will need to be monitored and watched. I am so thankful for the wonderful doctors and nurses at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. With the right therapies and rest, she will be back to normal teenager activities soon.

As a mom, watching your child lay in a hospital bed is the toughest thing. At one point she even said to me, “I hate being helpless.” It broke my heart.

I have done a lot of thinking lately about staying in the moment. Well, when this happened I stayed in the moment. I don’t know how, but I did. I did not project into the future, I didn’t think about what this will mean. All I could think about was how is she right now, and what do we need to do to get her better? Staying in the moment allowed me to stay strong for her.

Now, 2 weeks later, I am struggling. It is all hitting me what we have gone through and what we have in our future. I have been sleeping with her on the sofa since we arrived at home. She was uncomfortable in her bed – afraid she would roll onto her right side and the impacted area of her head. I have not been sleeping well on the sofa. I am so tired, but I want her to know I love her with all my heart and I would do anything for her. It is very tough to be positive and in the moment when you are tired.

I am so thankful she is doing so well.

I am so thankful friends and family who have called, emailed, texted, stopped by, sent flowers and balloons, posted on Facebook, and prayed! You are love and you are loved! I am taking this wonderful blanket of love you have surrounded us with and spreading it out wide for all of you to be touched by it.


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